Optional Programs and Services

Financial and Legal Services

We contract with a nationwide network of attorneys to provide consultation to employees or family members regarding their legal concerns.

Offering both advice and local referral services ensures that all employees’ legal needs are addressed in an appropriate manner.

Our network includes attorneys throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Canada. Our dedicated recruitment team works diligently to ensure that our network is sufficient to meet our clients’ needs. If a network analysis indicates a lapse in coverage for a particular client, we will focus recruitment efforts on that specific geographic area.

Our Services

We provide High Quality Services

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Affiliate Counselors

Educational Resources

We offer online resources that complement our in-person service by providing web access to a wealth of educational information, links, and tools.

Financial Resources

Employees who are physically, emotionally, and financially fit in their personal lives are better able to contribute in the workplace. With financial resources, employees can access a program of comprehensive financial support services—empowering them to concentrate on responsibilities at work, rather than on financial concerns.