Providing Personalized Employee Assistance Programs

We are committed to providing your organization and your employees with the highest quality employee support solution available in the marketplace. We have learned that a successfully integrated EAP and work-life program is one in which the line between the two components is invisible to client companies and their employees. It is a unified service, capable of addressing daily stresses, major crises, and everything in between. It is a program that demonstrates how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Clinical Services

The primary counseling model that we use is called short-term solution-focused counseling. This involves a move away from the analysis of problems to the discovery of solutions that are already at work in an individual’s life. The therapy concentrates on helping individuals identify the skills, strengths, and resources that are already present and moves them towards a solution. Learn More

Work-Life Services

We understand that employees’ issues do not always fall into neat categories of service, nor do problems generally present in isolation. As such, we train our staff to listen beyond the presenting issue to identify all possible related factors and to apply appropriate resources to each.

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EAP & Work-Life Website

Our state-of-the-art website features an extremely comprehensive level of resource articles, assessments, audio, and video files covering emotional well-being, health and wellness, and workplace issues as well as child care, elder care, adoption, and education.

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